4th March '15

Hello guys.

Today, I'm going to filter my current 12:22AM thoughts and feelings onto this blog post.
My life has been like rain for the past months, sometimes drizzle and sometimes a hurricane. So many things has happened and before I knew it a year passed by. I can even feel myself evolve like a pokemon. But that's not the main point. The main point is, I feel like I've finally met someone worthy of me and me being worthy of him. 

Yes, you may call me foolish for being the girl who was always in love and then outta it. But me being me, I knew then that I never want to let him slip out of my hands knowing that all is takes is to choose someone you'd be willing to get hurt for. Because at the end of the day, everybody's going to hurt you and you just got to find the ones worth getting hurt for. How did I know that he was the one for me? That was simple. 

He. Made. Me. Feel. Everything.
Oh well, from one date to another. I could never find the love that I mentioned before. Despite going out with so many guys, I can never really get that feeling again. Anyone feel me? 

Until.. One day, I don't know exactly when and how but I fell in love again. And it felt as if it was the first time. I didn't know it would be him, and perhaps we fell in love since the first time we met. 

It's kinda funny cause the first time I met him was eight years ago in our school uniforms at the playground in my area. He was my best friend's brother's friend. I know right? What a gag. We've always been talking from time to time and little did we know that he'd be someone I hold onto so very dearly to me today.

His intelligent reservedness draws me in. It made me curious about him. 

He made me want to know more about him, what he's like when he's around his friends, if he's always that optimistic little boy that I once knew of, how he looks like when he's salty and if he jumps around when he's feeling hungry just like I do. And, before you know it.. I fell for how perfect that little human being was, how he always has that shine in his hair be it styled up or flat to his face as the wind blows through and how his smile forms with two cheeky sharp teeth just like a vampire. He was just somebody I didn't wanna mess things up with.

Fortunately, after going out with so many guys, I've learnt that being clingy all-the-damn-time really isn't my thing and it has made me understand that my man has his own priorities and targets to get to. I've learnt that a real women will be able to understand her man's hardships and busy schedule but a real man will make time for his lady no matter how busy he is.
Alright, I guess that's all ya get for today because I'm sleepy and imma continue watching HarryPotter again! (Yes, I am re-watching it)  

Enjoy reading.

Angel Png

Shot by: Adil Azlian
Instagram: _12THSTREET

Shot by: Ah Heng
Instagram: ahhengzxc.c

Oh and check @linuslzm out on instagram too! His works are art. Unfortunately, my com is having problems uploading his pictures. So do check them out, their awesome hehehe.


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