Sup guys, I've been jamming to old school lately. Bringing you way back with this Lil Wayne single. One of his best works in my opinion. Has a different vibe compared to his other songs, kinda like something he actually put his heart and soul into making it.

You either watch the Music Video or read the lyrics to make the best of it, I guess? 

" How to love, By: Lil Wayne " 

" You had a lot of crooks try'na steal your heartNever really had luck, couldn't never figure out "

Read more: Lil Wayne - How To Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Life is an adventure.

And waking up today is another mystery cause I've no idea what's in it for me today. 

Yesterday, I went to my first ever streetmeet #BlazeItUp2k16. Guess it was alright, I got to meet so many cool people and see so many beautiful faces. Though, it was freakin' 42 degrees celsius outside and I was sweating like a dog. Thank God for the primer that Nat introduced me, my make up stuck onto my face like glue. But the highlight of the day was that I met Spiderman feat Deadpool squad OMG right?! Have I mentioned before that Spiderman is actually my favourite superhero growing up? But I was too shy to go over to ask for a picture, I didn't want to be that weird girl if you know what I mean. Seriously hot though. 

One more song to change the mood.

" Oh, I wanted words but all I heard was nothing "

The Script - Nothing

Love their songs, all beautifully written with words that touch people's hearts.
I love songs like these because they are the words that I cannot seem to find whenever I need to.

Waiting, again. People always ask me why don't I ever get tired. Truth is, I do and in fact I am tired this very second now. I get more and more tired as the days, months and years pass by. Well, I'm only human and I bleed when I fall down too. I'm no supernatural, I'm just.. me? I'm just a girl not everyone can understand, just a girl difficult to read. Its easy to love me but the real challenge is staying with me till the very end. I know its hard to hold onto someone like me, with all of my imperfections, my lazy days, my moody, cranky and annoying days. Its hard to stay with me because I'm like a lochness monster, they often call me a mystery. I can't really open up to people so easily anymore because too many, literally. TOO MANY have disappointed me and I've built walls around myself now. So if you think you know me.. think again.

Funny how someone like me can look so much like an extrovert but is really an introvert.
I maybe outgoing and friendly, but I am shy ok!! In fact, I'm a really awkward person. The older I got, the quieter I became. The lesser I spoke, the lesser people got to say about me. The lesser I showed, the lesser people knew about me. However, silence so deadly lured little devils in and made stories about me. Whenever, you're quiet, people start to make their own ideas of you up in their heads. Like, you're shy, you're anti-social, you're arrogant, you're rude. While I thought I was running away from all the drama but I ain't and I couldn't either and I hate that I couldn't do it. I couldn't gather the courage to speak up for myself. Until today, it still scars me. Perhaps one day the scar will fade away. It may take a day, a month or maybe even years I suppose but soon I hope.

When will I ever crack from this frozen cocoon?
When will I stop running away from my fears and problems?
When will I..


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