Don't ask, just listen.

Writing letters that I never give out, drinking coffee again, finally having time to do my laundry and reading old text messages. 

I deleted my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat app. Guess I'll take a break and come back again when I'm ready. I'm heading to somewhere else with a different air for the weekends. Finding myself again.

Today, I opened my old treasure box and found my lost watch. I smiled, looking at all the old treasures I had found inside it. All the memories. 

I feel like I haven't felt the way I'm feeling in a really long time or maybe it's because I've never felt this way before. It feels weird. 

I saw my old paintings of you, I don't know why, I just smiled softly as I flipped the pages of the once again, lost, album that I made but never gave out. I guess its because I made it for myself, not you. I guess it's because I wanted something for myself too. I want to keep these memories because they were enough to keep me happy and I'll hold onto them.

You weren't my first love, but you did make a big impact in my life and you taught me a lot. Thank you. I would say I love you but I won't cause It wouldn't get to you anyway. I'm not going to say I'm sorry anymore cause sorry is just another word we use too frequently. You were there for me at times of adversity, I wish I could be there for you too. But it's okay, time heals everything. Afterall, I gave myself two years and the time isn't up yet, in fact it's just the beginning. Seven months have passed by since I made that promise to myself. How could I have ever forget the promise I made to myself?

How could I, I stopped stumbling on every word that I say to you, I wasn't scared anymore cause I knew you loved me, I thought I deserve more and expected too much, I stopped being careful, to not hurt your feelings when I promised you that I'll try my best not to. I was unhappy. All I thought of was myself, and now all I have left is myself. 


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