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Don't ask, just listen.

Writing letters that I never give out, drinking coffee again, finally having time to do my laundry and reading old text messages. 
I deleted my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat app. Guess I'll take a break and come back again when I'm ready. I'm heading to somewhere else with a different air for the weekends. Finding myself again.
Today, I opened my old treasure box and found my lost watch. I smiled, looking at all the old treasures I had found inside it. All the memories. 
I feel like I haven't felt the way I'm feeling in a really long time or maybe it's because I've never felt this way before. It feels weird. 
I saw my old paintings of you, I don't know why, I just smiled softly as I flipped the pages of the once again, lost, album that I made but never gave out. I guess its because I made it for myself, not you. I guess it's because I wanted something for myself too. I want to keep these memories because they were enough to keep me happy and I'll …

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