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The Reason Why

I was unhappy. I was pretending to be happy; trying to convince myself that life could be better this way, if I just gave it a shot. Hence, my relationship with P began. But I want to put it out that I was unhappy, and I wasn't true too. I was so heart-broken in the past, I was convinced to never fall in love with someone ever again because all of that, was just not worth the risk.

However, when the time came, when I saw someone like P showing me how much I could be loved as me had truly touched me. But this relationship was never meant to happen because little did we know things would change so drastically.

In the midst of everything, P soon got tired of my tired soul. He wanted to love my tired heart, but I knew it from the start that I couldn't give him the love he deserved; needed. There were so many things in the way, I hated the way he thought about life. We were just absolute opposites, we were two worlds apart. We breathe different air, we live life for different reasons…

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